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So many important voices are choosing to create their own platform: Daily Wire, Babylon Bee, Michael Heiser, to name a few. These platforms are not just for broadcasting content to the world, but for allowing conversation without government or big-business censorship and intervention.

Why would they go to that expense? Because of the mass manipulation of truth. It has reached epidemic proportions. Obfuscation runs as standard practice through our elected and unelected officials, news media ethics are dead, and social media has become a censorship cesspool.

So there are dead ends all around for those who have a moral obligation to have their message heard, not everyone has the budget to develop their own community app. But there's good news!

What do you do if you have an important message but you do not have the budget for a Mobile App? 

1. Develop a Progressive Web App, not a mobile app

Developing a mobile app is time consuming and horrendously expensive, and also utterly unnecessary. The mobile app developers are going to try convince you that you need one, but even if you do raise the funds and are prepared to wait for months on end, you will find yourself, again, threatened with de-platforming by Apple or Google. You simply pay a massive premium to go from the frying pan into the fire. 

Instead of a mobile app you want a Progressive Web App, with all of the benefit and none of the publishing nightmares of a mobile app. All Grouplands Communities come as Progressive Web Apps right out the box. No further mobile app development required and they are automatically upgraded with your community website.

What are Progressive Web Apps? They are websites that also function as mobile apps. Users install them through their mobile browsers, no download or platform publishing required. if you want to see how easy it is just install this as a PWA here:

Progressive Web Apps are going to completely rewrite the mobile app development scene. Your community can get in on the gould level with a GroupLands Community.

2. Get a Grouplands Web-App Community

  • It takes less than a week and costs less than $4,000 to setup.
  • It costs less than $400 a month to run a community of 3000 or less.
  • You can elect to charge a subscription or offer it free to your community.
  • You can select multiple access levels for content and administration.
  • You can select what gets indexed in search engines and what does not.
  • You can select what is sarable in social media and what is not.
  • You can have two factor authentication by device to protect your community.
  • A Grouplands Web-App also functions as a fully responsive, easy to edit website.

Welcome to a new era of Web Communities! Contact me to learn more.